Megjelent Havas Attila és szerzőtársai cikke a Journal of Responsible Innovation honlapján

Multiple futures for society, research, and innovation in the European Union: jumping to 2038


Stephanie Daimer, Attila Havas, Kerstin Cuhls, Merve Yorulmaz & Petar

We contribute to the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)
literature in two ways: (i) we consider how societal aspects are
taken into account in research and innovation (R&I) activities in
four fundamentally different scenarios, as opposed to analysing
current practices; and (ii) put the emphasis on the political
conditions of the interactions among the actors, as opposed to
focussing on RRI principles and instruments. In the Kingdom of
RRI citizens participate directly in decision-making processes;
Fortress Europe depicts a libertarian system; Failed Democracy is a
populist regime; while Benevolent Green Eurocrats describes a
technocratically coordinated strong state. The scenarios offer
novel insights into the nature and repercussions of possible
policy problems, that is, efficacy; efficiency; legitimacy of R&I
activities; societal involvement; equity; and freedom of research.
Meaningful interactions between lay people and professional
actors in an innovation system can be safeguarded even in the
harshest ideological and political framework.


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