Ha a közgazdasági Nobel-díjakat már 1901-től osztották volna…

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What if the Nobel Prize in economics were granted since 1901? Here I made a draft.

As you all know, the Nobel Prize in Economics was created in 1969, long after the others. So I have created a counterfactual scenario in which the Nobel Prize in Economics were granted since the creation of the others prizes, that is, since 1901. I was inspired by Paul Samuelson in his Bertil Ohlin’s bibliography, in which he sketched an outline of possible awards until the year of 1930. I was further, and – steered by my passion for History of Economic Thought – I created a complete scenario in which the Prize existed since 1901. So, in the attempt of constructing the most realistic possible scenario, I changed the dates wherein many economists received the Prize, because it’s obvious that names like Samuelson and Hicks would receive it much before the year which they actually did.

Read, enjoy, create your own list, give suggestions (my list is uncompleted yet) and excuse me for my grammatical errors 🙂


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