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10th December: Launching Inclusive Wealth Report 2014

The Inclusive Wealth Report | 2012

IWR 2012: The Inclusive Wealth Report of 2012 drew upon two decades of data for 20 countries on three types of capital to quantify and demonstrate the impact and returns of investing in them. This pilot project, the first use of index, threw into relief the gaps in conventional systems of accounting and human development indicators. It has since made a significant contribution to the public and policy dialogue, and has been recognized worldwide as a revealing exercise and important tool for change.

The Inclusive Wealth Report | 2014

The second report, the IWR 2014, has expanded the study significantly, to cover 140 countries and is being launched in December, 2014 in New Delhi, India.

The report makes a vital contribution to more effective global and national policies for sustainable development, and comes at a time of transition to the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals which have called for the development of indicators to complement GDP (draft of Open Working Group, SDG 17.19).

The IWR 2014’s main theme is Human Capital with a focus on Education. It provides valuable insights into investment strategies of countries on education and potential returns from future investments into education, and demonstrates the use of the Inclusive Wealth Index as a key indicator for sustainable, stronger, and more peaceful development.

A dialogue with key development agencies at the regional and international level will be initiated with the objective of revising the system of national accounts, and strengthening the policy discourse on sustainable development for the future.


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