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On the Formation of Capital and Wealth

by Mordecai Kurz, Stanford University

This draft June 25, 2017

We show modern information technology (in short IT) is the cause of rising income and wealth inequality since the 1970’s and has contributed to slow growth of wages and decline in the natural rate.
We first study all US firms whose securities trade on public exchanges. Surplus wealth of a firm is the difference between wealth created (equity and debt) and its capital. We show (i) aggregate surplus wealth rose from -$0.59 Trillion in 1974 to $24 Trillion which is 79% of total market value in 2015 and reflects rising monopoly power. The added wealth was created mostly in sectors transformed by IT. Declining or slow growing firms with broadly distributed ownership have been replaced by
IT based firms with highly concentrated ownership. Rising fraction of capital has been financed by debt, reaching 78% in 2015.

JEL classification: D31, D33, D42, D43, D62, E22, E25, L1.
Keywords: surplus wealth; Information Technology; monopoly pricing power; income inequality; wealth
inequality; relative shares; monopoly surplus; monopolistic competition; technical change and TFP.

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