The Hungarian Labour Market 2019 – Editors: Károly Fazekas, Márton Csillag, Zoltán Hermann, Ágota Scharle

The Hungarian Labour Market Yearbook presents characteristics of the Hungarian labour market and employment policy, and provides an in-depth analysis of a topical issue each year. It is an important focus for the analyses and data published in the yearbook series to serve as a good source of knowledge on the various topics of labour economics and human resources management. The yearbook series presents the main characteristics and trends of the Hungarian labour market in an international comparison based on the available statistical information, conceptual research and empirical analyses in a clearly structured and easily accessible format. Continuing our previous editorial practice, we selected an area that we considered especially important from the perspective of understanding Hungarian labour market trends and the effectiveness of evidence-based employment policy. This year’s ‘In Focus’ revolves around education the labour market situation of youth.

The book can be downloaded in one file or by chapters.

The publication of this volume has been financially supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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